Award Set Design

Event Set Services have a wealth of experience in producing creative and exciting awards set design, to impress your guests. EVENT SET SERVICES think about the technical aspects of your award sets, but also your marketing objectives and matching your awards sets to the production, lighting and venue to ensure consistency throughout your awards. We are able to use 3D renders to visualise your project before it goes into production. Working with our in house AV company, Awesome AV we can also show you the lighting visuals and talk through all of your AV requirements so that they fit in seamlessly to the set.

How do we plan for our awards set?

There are a number of factors to consider when planning for the design and build of your awards set, EVENT SET SERVICES have developed many awards sets from concept to development and understands the most important factors when creating awards sets. Defining your objectives, setting objectives, and planning numbers as well as the venue space are all key factors that will affect the design, size, and amount of technology that would be suitable for your awards sets. Another important factor to consider is how many people will be on your awards sets at any given time, to determine size, and the amount of support that will be needed. Another important factor is planning every little detail of the space of the awards sets and location within the venue to ensure speakers and delegates receive the best possible lighting, view, and also ensuring the sound and video can reach your audience, regardless of where they’re sitting. We also work on the entrance way and sight lines for the award winners and speakers and take into effect the backdrop for the winners photos. All these details make your set an awards winning set.

How can I ensure my Awards set designs are safe?

Event Set Services are experts in going above and beyond your safety requirements and minimising risk from your event, leaving you with less to worry about. All of EVENT SET SERVICES’s awards sets meet your technical requirements as well as meeting health and safety requirements, ensuring that your awards set are 100% safe to have the amount of delegates or speakers that you want to present at any given time. We can produce risk assessments and method statements to satisfy all venues across Europe. Sometimes this may cost a bit extra but for peace of mind, there is no substitute.