Bespoke Bars

Bespoke bars are a fantastic way of customising an important part of any event to either fit the theming for a unique event or match your companies branding for a corporate event. Our bespoke bars can be designed in many forms to fit any requirements. Give one of our friendly team a call today to discuss your requirements and they will walk you through the process of designing and building your perfect bespoke bar as well as fitting it into your desired space.

Why use a bespoke bar?

A bespoke bar can be used for a number of reasons. You may be using an event space that doesn’t already have a bar or you may just want to add a personal touch to your event based around your branding or theming. We understand at Event Set Services, how a bar is one of the most important facets of an event, and we take the greatest care in making sure your bespoke bar is a memorable one that guests will not forget. EVENT SET SERVICES can design, develop and build your bespoke bar, with your specifications in mind, ranging from a small simple bar to an amazing centrepiece bar for your event.
A bespoke bar is not just for Christmas…it is for every event. Working with our sister company Awesome Events we can arrange all of the logistics behind operating a bar, service, ordering and stock take.

How large should a bespoke bar be for my event?

Our friendly advisors at EVENT SET SERVICES can take a look at your event requirements and advise on what type of bespoke bars would be best for your event as well as the size required to ensure you overcome long bar queues at your event. You may only want a small bespoke bar for a smaller event, or a number bars for a larger event with a high number of guests, EVENT SET SERVICES can meet your bespoke bar requirements no matter what the size covering everything from smaller private parties to large outdoor festivals.