Brand Experiential Build and Design

Experiential services are a growing trend in marketing campaigns and are an important way of engaging with your target audience by creating something unique and special that your target audience can get involved with. Event Set Services have worked with a number of high profile companies to bring their experiential marketing campaign plans to reality with our highly skilled designers, technicians and manufacturers implementing a unique and creative touch to ensure that your experiential campaign is a success.

What does experiential mean?

Brand Experiential is another term for involving or learning based on experience, in terms of marketing and events its purpose is to engage a target audience and involve them somehow within their  campaign or experience. Event Set Services can offer a wide range of experiential services and expertise to help you with any experiential marketing needs.

What brand experiential services does Event Set Services offer?

Event Set Services can offer a full package of experiential services to assist you from the planning and design stage through to the implementation of your experiential marketing campaign. Our experiential services can range and our team is ready to be creative as possible to meet your brief, and plan, design, build and install any number of things to bring your creative ideas to life and make the most of your experiential campaign. Whether your brief involves a pop up to promote your brand or a road show to promote a new product, ESS can handle the design and planning as well the logistical points that may be needed to execute your experiential marketing campaign. Event Set Services can meet your experiential needs however ambitious your requirements may be we can handle everything from the design and build of your experiential marketing tools to management of your project, offering a full experiential service.