Conference Set Builders

ESS are expert Conference Set Builders and will listen carefully to your vision, requirements, budget and design and manufacture a beautiful conference set that meets your specifications and engages your audience. Our conference set builders have experience working with a number of different industries and understanding objectives throughout a variety of industries conferences.

What are the benefits of using Conference Set builders?

Organising a conference can take up a lot of your marketing budget, so it is extremely important to get your conference set right, so that it stands out, impresses your target audience and effectively represents your companies branding. Our conference set builders are there to ensure that your conference set is a bespoke build, achieves your objectives, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone attending your conference. Our experienced conference set builders are able to take your proposal, suggest ideas, implement design ideas, and manufacture impressive conference sets that act as the centrepiece to your entire conference. Equally if a simpler solution is required our conference set builders are able to build plainer sets if high levels of customisation and branding are not required.

How can I plan the design of my conference set?

If you have an idea of how you would like your conference set to look as well as size our conference set builders can start implementing designs and plans to make your vision a reality, if you don’t have an idea our conference set builders can look at your branding and help generate some ideas. Our conference set builders are experts in understanding your marketing objectives, branding and design needs, and are happy to help from planning and design to the build of your conference set. Our conference set builders are also able to meet most technical specifications to the highest safety standards.