Make your product launch stand out with Event Set Services

A product launch is the perfect opportunity to show off your brand and the services which you offer so allow us to take the weight off your shoulders and provide a seamless service for your product launch installation. Product launches are great to introduce new products or services to new or existing customers as well as building brand awareness and creating word of mouth promotion. EVENT SET SERVICES can assist with your product launch installations to ensure your event is equipped with the best facilities to make your event as impactful as possible.

What can I do to make my product launch stand out?

Your product launch has to scream volumes about your brand and make customers want to invest, so what better way to get customers involved and engaged with the brand than having one of your products on show. If you have a car product launch for example, why not have the car available for customers to see firsthand. It is the perfect opportunity for experiential marketing and allowing the customers to see and feel for themselves what it is that you’re offering.

We can also help you with branding at your product launch which is a perfect chance for new potential clients to get familiar to your brand along with free promotion through images and word of mouth. We can brand your stage design, pop ups or even furniture to be consistent throughout your event.

Using props and furniture will benefit you a lot in your product launch as it will create an informal feel to the event whilst maintaining a professional presence; however it makes attendees feel more welcomed, especially when you are welcoming them to invest into a high end product.

How can we help with your product launch?

We can offer advice and guidance along the way of your product launch. Through our years of experience and professional knowledge, we can advise you on the best options for you to make your event as sucesful as it can be along with reaching your goal for the event.