Themed Sets for Events

EVENT SET SERVICES has a breadth of experience with party themes, to create a unique and special experience for any event of any size. EVENT SET SERVICES specialises in a number of party themes, as well as having the capabilities of incorporating your own branding to fit with any party themes increasing marketing opportunities for your event. Having a party theme will not only make the event more personal and fitting to your company, but it will also create a long lasting effect on attendees which is great to look back on when planning future events.

How do we choose our theme?

Your party theme is dependent on what your event objectives are, we can develop party themes ranging from Great Gatsby to Wild West, or if you want to create a truly unique party theme, our friendly advisors can talk you through how to achieve this, working within the guidelines of your budget and needs.  If you are looking at theming your party within your companies personal branding, EVENT SET SERVICES can develop your ideas to meet your requirements to maximise your branding opportunities and help create an event with a more personal touch. The party theme can be planned so it is closely linked to the message you are trying to deliver to ensure it is effective to your attendees.

What can EVENT SET SERVICES offer in terms of theming?

EVENT SET SERVICES can design and create any number of ideas to achieve the party themes you need to ensure a fantastic atmosphere is created for your event through developing props, custom stage sets, bespoke bars, and much more. EVENT SET SERVICES can help you plan every aspect of your party themes, incorporating lighting and video, draping, not missing any element of the party theme you want to achieve, creating an immersive and exciting experience for all of your guests.


Feel free to get in touch with a member of our dedicated London based team for advise and guidance on how we can help make your event perfect.